Congratulations, students and parents! WIth your participation in this year's fundraiser, we were able to surpass our goal of


Thank you to all those who supported our fundraising efforts. We'd especially like to thank Cathy Lange for her direct support with the event!

About HOSA Boosters


We are in the midst of one of the most profound educational challenges of our nation. Resources for our public schools to provide excellence in academic teaching are not available. The KHS Health Science Booster Club seeks to identify the needs of our Health Science Department, specifically in terms of Classroom Equipment, Teacher Training/Development and for the continuation of the HOSA organization and then begin with competence and character to unleash the resources necessary to address the academic challenges we face. 



  • Board Meetings
    1st Monday of each month at KHS (LGI room)

  • All meetings are OPEN to Parents and Students

  • All meetings at 7pm

  • Contact us if you can't attend but want more info

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