About HOSA at KHS

“The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow” 
Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA) is the largest student club (over 270 members) on the Kingwood High School campus. The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program. 

National HOSA


HOSA is a national student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA's goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to join and be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.

Texas HOSA


A powerful curricular program of student-led activities designed to develop future leaders for the health care system. HOSA participation provides opportunities for students to:

  • develop effective leadership qualities and skills

  • enhance communication skills

  • develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • build self-esteem through individual and group achievement

  • participate in community service activities

  • develop character and responsible citizenship traits

  • set goals for life long learning and make realistic career choices

  • network with health care professionals and peers who have similar goals

  • access student scholarship opportunities